So here’s a post of my week…

Something yay-worthy I’ll like to share is that we finally got to start designing our final product.

Place we were asked to travel to to design our products. Our TA believes that being immersed in a place with bamboo let’s your brain juices flow more. (our blood flowed more too due to sucking by mosquitoes)

Cool Bamboo paper pulp chair and lamp shade found in that place

Wednesday road trip (mountain trip) to Anji to look at bamboo factories.

Located on a mountain in a village is this house, what lies inside is quite interesting

Old man splitting the ends of bamboo so that it is easier to bend

Old man thinning out bamboo strips width wise

Old man thinning out bamboo strips thickness wise

Weaving bamboo is harder to find because it is so time consuming. The ladies on the first floor of this house takes half a day to make a bamboo basket.

Another hard to find technique was found in the other factory we visited. A technique which involves coiling bamboo.

A view found on Friday from IDI while we were writing our report till late in the evening


Zhuo Zheng Yuan in the morning is still crowded

Su Zhou Museum is a place to go to to see their architecture.

A shot of a typical scene everywhere in Su Zhou


平江路 at dusk

Cute sign at a cafe

Nutella found

Shang Tang Jie in the night (old red light district) explains the multiple red lanterns seen


Salty beancurd

Learning to appreciate chinese tea culture

Last glimpse of Su Zhou before heading back to Hang Zhou

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Hello I am Alethea! A member of Minions, a subcomm of 3SG, doing the welfare of the school. I'm into photography and love to capture scenic views. I think every photo tells a special story of the place like how everyone has their own unique story to tell. Being passionate about product design, one day I hope to create a product that can help people in one way or another.


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