They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, not here at SUTD. With a vibrant range of dynamic Fifth Row clubs, there is really no time for Jack to be dull.

For the uninitiated, Fifth Row is the term used by SUTD for their co-curricular activities (CCA). Why Fifth Row? Because it’s the fifth activity students undertake on top of their four academic modules. By considering CCA as part of the students’ curriculum rather than an activity on the side, the University accentuates their stand on providing students with a holistic and all-rounded education that’s not just focused on academics.

Today, there are over 90 Fifth Row groups on campus ranging from arts to sports to special interests. We spoke to 8 of them to get a better sense of what their student group does. Freshmores and anyone looking for a Fifth Row to belong, you’re in luck. All the clubs are recruiting, and you may just find something that strikes a chord with you.

SUTD Athletics

To the passionate members of SUTD Athletics, running is as much a team activity as it is an individual one. As part of the team, you’ll get to partake in major running events, represent SUTD in inter-varsity games and improve your performance with bespoke training programmes by professional coaches. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned runner, someone’s bound to help you up if you fall. Sign up, and you’ll never have to run alone again. Instagram: @sutd.athletics

SUTD Bands

Got a rocking band going but you’re lacking a stage? Or are you passionate about enabling them? Either way, don’t worry. SUTD Bands’ got your back. This rock bands collective is the perfect launchpad for budding bands to take their first step into the vibrant music scene. Whether it’s the next unforgettable school performance, jamming at external events or rubbing shoulders with local acts like Stopgap and M1LDL1FE, opportunities abound in this tight-knit music community. All you have to do is step forward. And the stage is all yours. Instagram: @sutdbands Facebook: /SUTDBands

SUTD Chinese Orchestra

They performed at the Downtown Line 3 opening ceremony; they gave Chingay 2018 a spectacular finale; and now, the team at SUTD Chinese Orchestra are preparing for their very own annual concert – the first of its kind. “We are just doing what we love,” they say. And see how far they’ve come. Exciting times ahead for these passionate musicians. If their love of Chinese music resonates with you, don’t hesitate to come on board. Instagram: @sutdco Facebook: /sutdco

SUTD eSports

Not too long ago, SUTD eSports got promoted to a full-fledged Fifth Row club. That was 2016. Today, they’ve not only snagged the Outstanding Student Organisation Award at the Student Achievement Awards 2018, they are also two-time champs for Overwatch at the Inter-Varsity Gaming Festival (IVGF) 2017 and 2018. And when they aren’t busy competing in the virtual world, they’re busy enlivening the campus by organising friendly gaming competitions for fellow students. Gamers, you know where to find them if you’re keen. Instagram: @sutdesports Twitch: /sutdesports Facebook: /Sutd.Esports

SUTD Greenprint

Environmental activities are boring. Harsh statement? That’s what the good folks at SUTD Greenprint are working hard to change. “No Straw Day” is one of the initiatives they spearheaded, along with many other engaging workshops, events and even field trips. “Everyone can do their part for the environment. No matter how small the act, it will make a difference.” Will you do yours soon? Instagram: @sutdgreenprint

SUTD Karate

Shi Yun was already a Karate practitioner before she entered SUTD and saw an opportunity to share her passion. In 2016, she founded SUTD Karate. Today, the club has clocked several outstanding achievements, including 3 gold medals from the Karate-Do Goju-Kai Singapore International Championship (KGS) in 2017. Don’t worry though. The club is open to people of all levels. With or without experience, anyone can be a part of the friendly family. “We guarantee – you’ll be fitter before you even notice!” Instagram: @sutdkarate Facebook: /SutdKarate

SUTD Scratch!

What life is there at a party with no cool remix and some crazy beats? Enter, SUTD Scratch! – the campus’ resident DJ team. These guys have rocked the dance floors in places like Zouk WineBar, CATO and SUTD’s very own Aria cafe. Their largest audience though, was at Chingay 2018, where they got a live audience of almost 30,000 shuffling to their beats. Now that’s a real sick feat. So DJ, if you too feel like you can rock the house down, drop them a beat. They’d love to have you on the team. Instagram: @sutdscratch

SUTD Vertex

With their upbeat cheers, effortless routines and overflowing energy, it’s easy to overlook the athleticism behind this energetic sport – until you spot their rock-solid abs. Training’s not easy, but the Vertex family can always count on each other to make it through. “It’s hard not to be close when you literally put your lives in each other’s hands,” the group quips. Join the team, and you’re sure to get yourself a second family. Instagram: @sutdvertex

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