Week 10 (29 July – 4 August)

Summer Holidays has ended and it is time for us to get busy again. Fortunately, there are no lessons for us as this is our second project week. Similar to our first project week, we need to fully utilize those timings to meet up with our groups to work on our business project. Of course, there are also assignments that we have to hand in by the end of the week. As we are not able to share any in-depth details, a brief outline regarding what my group did is as stated below.

  • Working on draft 2 of our final report
  • Presentation and meeting with our client to update them on our findings, insights and next steps
  • continue working on our prototype

We have been pretty busy working on our business project on the weekdays that before we knew it, weekends has arrived.

On 4th August 2019, there was a street festival in Helsinki. There was a cacophony of loud rock and metal music being played at every corner along the street. Being new to the city and wanting to immerse ourselves in their culture, we partied along.

Shown here is a snippet of one of the many bands playing in the street festival. It was nice being there, soaking the feeling and watching the locals going crazy and dancing and jumping and playfully pushing each other around. After which, we went back to our apartment and called it a night. Lessons starts tomorrow and we wonder what will we learn this time round.

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