Meetings and more modifications

As the exhibition date approaches, we had to ensure that our product deliverables were top class. We met and discussed with our TA on how the deliverables could be further enhanced and refined. After numeral meetings, some of the content was tweaked and adjusted to provided optimal clarity for the audience. Simultaneously, the flow of the final 10 minute presentation on National Day (9 August) was discussed.

Smart Calendar

Final Smart Calendar design.

Our CAD prototype for our Smart Calendar had finally been printed out and it was very aesthetically appealing. The printed components included: two ears, a miniature body, the main face frame and a tail. The monitors and cameras purchased fitted well into the 3D model because all the dimensions were well-calculated and accounted for. All that is left now if to program the Raspberry Pi module with the necessary content!

Though we still had to finalize a name and a logo for our Smart Calendar, the other components for the exhibition were more or less completed. This included a truncated version of the journey map for the poster as well as the 5 main APP screens that are to be used for the presentation. Furthermore, an app flowchart to provide a bird’s eye view on how the APP screens are linked will also be added to enhance the quality of our product.

Smart Scale

Final Smart Scale design.

Apart from the Smart Calendar, the Smart Scale has also seen tremendous progress since the last week. The APP content was enhanced to include more intricate details for the recipes and pictures. Moreover, the design of each screen on the Smart Scale APP has been revamped to make it look more intuitive.

Newly revamped APP screen design.

Similarly, the prototype for the weighing scale is currently being rendered and waiting to be printed. The logo and naming of the product has not yet been finalized either. We aim to compile the necessary components for the poster the latest by Tuesday. This is to ensure that we have sufficient time to film and edit the final video. Also, the creation of the Powerpoint presentation for the final showcase would need to be brainstormed. All in all, the progress has been excellent so far! See you on 9 August!

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