This article first appeared in BTS Issue 3.

By Lee En Qi, Amanda, Sophomore (Class of 2021)
Engineering Systems and Design

Internship at Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in Singapore

I interned at the Visitor Experience division under the Singapore Tourism Board’s Technology Transformation Group. I was attached to the Visitor Experience Technology department, which oversees the development of STB’s tech products to:

  1. Deliver a seamless experience to all travellers and,
  2. Boost the market competitiveness of Singapore’s tourism-related industries.

My first project was to support the development of the Tourism Information and Services Hub (TIH), a B2B digital resource platform for businesses to access and contribute relevant information on tourism-related offerings (e.g. business listings) and travel software services (e.g. recommendation engine, smart itinerary planner). During my internship, I researched about the needs of tourists and businesses, and pieced together distinct information to establish the role of TIH.

The second project was the development of a chatbot launched on the Visit Singapore Facebook page. I was tasked to create content on the chatbot and assist the team to establish logical answer flows. Though it was tedious, seeing my contributions come to fruition gave me a sense of achievement.

The exposure and foundation that SUTD had built in my first year enabled me to grasp technical concepts and jargon well, and I completed my work without major difficulties.

The team at STB was fun-loving and nurturing – they were always willing to help and provide advice, not just regarding work but about life as well.

Interns coming together during mid-internship to share and talk about what we do in our respective departments 

Overall, the internship experience at STB was enriching as I got to be deeply involved and contribute meaningfully to the development of my projects.

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