This article first appeared in BTS Issue 4.

By Sean Lew Teng Siong, Senior (Class of 2021)
Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD)

Internship at Carousell in Singapore

During my summer in 2020, I interned at Carousell as a Data Intern under the Growth Team which handles data related requests and projects that impact seller and buyer experience on the platform. On top of assisting product managers and other stakeholders in understanding weekly trends and numbers, I also helped to build pipelines, dashboard and conclude results for product feature A/B experiments. I was also given the opportunity to work on impactful side projects which makes use of machine learning models for predicting and forecasting business metrics.

Being in the ISTD pillar in SUTD, I was exposed to database and machine learning concepts in Term 6 which built a strong foundation for me going into this internship. With thousands of different languages and frameworks available in the programming world, SUTD designs each of their modules meticulously to make sure that content is always up to date and relevant to real-world technologies.

In terms of technical skills, I became more proficient in writing efficient and scalable Structured Query Language (SQL) codes especially since I was dealing with big data, and SQL is one of the most popular and utilised languages by data analysts to manage data. Throughout my internship I also realised that being an amazing coder was not enough to make you a good data analyst, it was also important to know how to present your data effectively and tell a story with it to different stakeholders.

I would like to thank Carousell for the amazing opportunity and everyone on my team for the guidance offered throughout my summer internship!

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