A tight-knit community like no other.

Everyone knows everyone!—a phrase commonly heard at SUTD. Our 11:1 student to faculty ratio not only allows for more consultation time with professors; it also fosters a tight-knit community between students and faculty.

Faculty Fellow Andrew Yee (third from left) with fellow students

Mentors make for best friends
At SUTD, students find not only mentors in their professors, but friendships too! By day, students are guided by a committed teaching faculty, working with professors on game-changing innovation projects. But when work’s out, students and professors bond over food, games and more.

Senior Lecturer Khoo Xiaojuan (leftmost) with her class.

“At SUTD, we are blessed to have a close relationship with our teaching faculty. Often when we are stuck with questions or require advice for our projects, seeking help from our professor is never the last resort, even if it means reaching out to them at an ungodly hour. I have more than once gotten a reply from Prof Tee Hui at 4am, half an hour after I sent those emails.”

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Bringing back the kampung spirit
To deepen the good ol’ kampung spirit, hostels arrangements are carefully planned to encompass a mix of residents from different academic levels and backgrounds on each floor. From the Amazing Food Race, to coffee-painting workshops and archery lessons — residents bond over endless activities, organised by the students themselves. On top of that, they also benefit from well-equipped rooms in the hostel for design brainstorming meetings, peer-to-peer study sessions, and the weekly game nights.

Birthday celebration in the hostel.

“I spent hours with my class and OG mates in the recreation rooms, studying and chatting through the night. The students would organise activities as well – haunted houses for Halloween, and dinner and dances for Valentine’s. It’s true…SUTD does stand for Stay Up Till Dawn!”

The SUTD experience is not just about our unique design-centric curriculum. The close bonds between students and faculty will also shape your growth as you create unforgettable memories in the university.

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All photos were taken before the pandemic.

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