This article first appeared in BTS Issue 4.

By Axiom Kosasih, Junior (Class of 2021)
Engineering Product Development (EPD)

What is unique about the SUTD hostel experience?

Every floor has a mix of people from different academic levels and backgrounds. You’ve got professors, staff, exchange students, Freshmores, Seniors and even postgraduates! Not only do you get to know them personally, you get advice and help whenever you need them. This creates a tighter bond among the SUTD family.

Could you share more on the sense of community while living in the hostel?

We have many bonding activities that promote camaraderie among hostel residents. I previously organised a food ‘Amazing Race’ for my hostel peers. Hostel residents solved clues together as a team that led them to various food spots around Singapore. They not only got to know one another better but were also introduced to hidden food gems as a reward for their teamwork!

Supper at Simpang Bedok

What do most people not know about hostel living at SUTD?

The SUTD design thinking spirit extends to and permeates the hostel. We have meeting rooms and study rooms with whiteboards and TV screens everywhere. Even our rooms have a whiteboard so that we can discuss and ideate anytime. The next life-changing innovation might come from one of the SUTD hostel rooms!

Meeting rooms within the hostel are conducive for discussions anytime

How does living in the hostel help you thrive in your studies?

I believe in learning by teaching. Fortunately for me, I love helping my peers with their studies and likewise, I’m grateful for friends who also help me understand concepts better. The whiteboards and TV screens in the hostel meeting and study rooms also help us in
facilitating discussions. Being in such a conducive environment helps me a lot in my studies!

How is living in the hostel a home away from home?

SUTD hostel makes me feel at home because not only does it have facilities that help us thrive in our studies but also facilities that allow us to have fun. For example, there are recreational rooms where we can play video games on the big TV screen or organise a movie marathon. We also have communal kitchens for those who enjoy cooking or baking with their friends.

What are some of the interesting hostel events you’ve organised and experienced? 

I was previously in charge of organising interest-based events and one event that I find very memorable was a kite making and flying workshop at Marina Barrage. It turned out to be more than a workshop! Hostel residents of all backgrounds had a fun picnic under the sun while some were running around flying the kites they made.

Making a kite from scratch at the kite making and flying workshop

Flying the kite we made at Marina Barrage

There are also hostel events that cater to different interest types. For instance, we had a calligraphy workshop and a coffee painting workshop for those with artistic interests. We also had an archery workshop and a self-defence workshop for those who enjoy physical activities. For those who enjoy cooking, we had a mug cake and Vietnamese rolls making workshop. There’s really something for everyone!                                   Some fine penmanship at the calligraphy workshop

Whipping up a storm at a culinary workshop

What do you love most about living in the hostel?

Definitely the convenience of meeting your friends! When I have food to share, I can just knock on their door and when I need help or a listening ear, I can just hit them up. I will miss this most when I graduate next year!

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