We ask Jezamine about her learning journey in SUTD, and her thoughts on SUTD’s goal towards gender diversity. She has been working as an architect in S A Chua Architects since graduation.

1. How has education in SUTD prepared you for your work?

The visionary and interdisciplinary pedagogy at SUTD opened my eyes to the larger universe beyond architecture, while the journey of self-discovery amidst a close-knit and like-minded community led me to the very core of what architecture meant to me.

The volatile and demanding nature of my work as an architect constantly calls for the foresight to think far ahead, the fortitude to stay resilient in the face of adversity, and the courage to stand for what I believe in – qualities I have grown to embrace and call my own through conquering the ups and downs in SUTD.

Despite all that, the SUTD spirit – of idealism, passion and compassion – stays with me through thick and thin. I continue to enjoy and re-invent the collaborative design process in leading and chartering unknowns together with an ever-increasingly interdisciplinary project team. Amidst the bustle, I continue to be excited by the possibilities for a better world, while not forgetting to be on the ground, and to place the communities we design for at the foremost.

2. What do you feel about SUTD’s goal of 40% female students?

I think SUTD has made tremendous progress thus far in embracing and working towards gender diversity. For myself, and many of my female peers, our time in SUTD have been nothing short of transformative and empowering.

Despite being daunted by engineering, and so ever determined to venture into architecture from day one, we quickly found ourselves building refrigerators, assembling radios, designing games, and composing and programming robots from scratch. We revisited and amalgamated concepts we had learnt before, using advanced digital fabrication technologies and parametric design methodologies to create architecture that is sensitive, sensible and timeless.

I truly believe that such exposure is ever more important for us females in this day and age. We need to tap upon our strengths of sensitivity, adaptability and versatility, to create for ourselves a unique edge within the traditionally male-dominated industry of architecture.

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