Always on the lookout for fires to fight and block supper rights, the 6 Degrees House Guardians are a group of people who need no introduction. Specially hand-picked by the Office of Student Life, these approachable individuals work hard to foster a close-knit hall community, keeping everyone well taken-care of and even occasionally surprised.

Alvin Teo Kian Sheng, Kenny S Raditia, Tan Jia Han (Top row)
Katherine Fennedy, Jade Kwok, Herlinda, Urmila Baskaran, Lisa Koswara (Middle row)
Ng Jia Wen, Yip Jing Xin, Clifford Mario Kosasih, Yap Pin Yaw, Kabincalan (Bottom row)

You might have guessed that weekly meetings are not enough to keep them on top of their game; their WhatsApp chat group is constantly pinging with messages, and it often explodes when events are around the corner. The Guardians really appreciate it when residents step up to help them with their events, and feel rewarded when they witness their efforts circulating on Instagram and the SUTD Facebook page (such as the most recent student welfare pack!).

What do the Guardians love most about being a guardian:

“Being residents ourselves, we are able to do and bring about positive changes around the hostel to best suit the needs of the student residence. ‘Be the change we wish to see’ is the drive that made us continue doing what we love to do.”
— The Guardians


Jia Wen

Internally, the Guardians look out for each other by remembering everyone’s birthdays (with cake and a present!), and also by rotating job scopes for different events. They are most proud of their non-hierarchical association within the group, and strive to ensure all members have opportunities to learn from a range of responsibilities.



One of the most memorable moments recounted by Urmila Baskaran was the episode with the infamous “Poster Ripper”, a resident who kept tearing off posters around the block. Despite the Guardians’ attempt at securing the posters with acrylic slide holders, the posters continued to be ripped, even at wee hours in the morning. Eventually the ripping stopped mysteriously, and the Ripper remains unidentified till today…

Herlinda and Alvin

“Every type of appreciation from residents, whether from events or welfare packs continue to bring a smile and warmth to my heart, regardless of how small they are.”
— The Guardians

With the impending move to the new campus, the Guardians hope that the switch to single and double bedrooms will not make it too difficult to keep people open and connected. Lisa Koswara in particular wants to retain the strong ‘family feeling’ that the current living arrangements have engendered. Nonetheless, they look forward to making a difference for the SUTD community wherever it might go!

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