Now that we have settled down at the East Coast Campus, it doesn’t seem that long ago that the concourse and classrooms of Dover Campus were filled with cardboard boxes and trolleys of packed equipment and fond moments. Let’s find out what some SUTD folks recall about their previous campus!

Revisit some of the most iconic places at Dover Campus

SUTD Dover Campus: An interim campus that was renovated from the formal ITE West College, where the pioneer students began their academic journey at SUTD. The building serves to remind how far SUTD has come.

The Concourse: “A playground for everyone. Everyone is just doing their own thing. At night you can see groups of people hanging out. Normally the classrooms have no space.”
– Chang Kuei, Engineering Product Development (EPD)

Cohort Classrooms: “There’s a rubbish dump at the back of the room. People always
throw their unwanted materials from their projects there, but it’s also the place where
people go to for all their creativity needs when they’re exploring on what methods and materials to use.”
– Ang Guan Yang, Engineering Product Development (EPD)

East and West Terraces: “The place is for all everyone, and they have many activities there. It’s also widely used for distribution of free (DSBJ) stuff!”
– Lim Jia Xuan, Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)

Arms Labs: “It’s for like-minded people to gather and tinker and do stuff.
We tested a drone and it shot straight to the ceiling and our propellor
broke off and chipped the ceiling!”
– Ivan Lee, EPD

Black boards: “This black board was created for Open House, and after that the students
repurposed it for their own activities. I kept seeing it around campus for various student
announcements and happenings, and I’m happy that this thing took on more life than
what it was intended for.”
– Zerlina Tay, Office of Marketing & Communications

Fab Lab: “It’s a place where you can do your own stuff and realise your ideas
into real life products and I think that’s cool. Whatever you want to do,
most likely the Fab Lab can do it.”
– Danial Sufiyan, EPD

Library Pavilion: The SUTD library pavilion served as a venue for many interesting and fun activities like Spooktober Fest. The pavilion was awarded the 2014 President’s Design Award, Singapore’s most prestigious design accolade.

6° Student Housing: These HDB blocks were formerly slated for demolition before being converted to hostels when SUTD moved to Dover. Living in these hostels is an experience that all SUTD students share… late night suppers, block activities, and not forgetting the convenience of being a few minutes’ walk away from the main school building!

We’re sad to leave the Dover Campus, but here’s looking forward to more challenges and fun times ahead at the East Coast Campus!

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