Reflektor is an ever-evolving light art festival in search of emotional truths, quiet contemplations and daring expressions. It is a light art festival that invites the public to venture into the darkness to explore the transition of mundane everyday spaces into dreamlike experiences.

Reflektor takes place in several different locations during a three-week-period, Helsinki – Vantaa – Espoo.

The light art festival is born out of the passion and curiosity of its creators, thriving in the dark and lives from the urge of making and the desire to craft unique experiences and spaces for everyone to enjoy.

I visited the one at Espoo with other Aalto exchange students and we were amazed by the light displays and creations by artists from Finland and abroad.

There were three installations in particular that stood out.

The first was the Ghost Project – Parking Rituals. When we first entered the deserted parking garage, it is fueled by rhythmic lighting sequences and monotonic soundscape mantras echoing in an empty and hazy urban space.




We moved on to Acidultra Neon Corps – New Forms. A flat cat mat and a cubic duck in their natural habitat, with mutations taking place showcasing their new, better, superior forms. The caged display was blasting eerie music and laughter that was slightly creepy but fascinating at the same time.

Lastly, we ended off at Duncan Matthews where UV spray paint was all over the concrete road, where even my shoelaces reflected the UV light.

Overall, the Reflektor event was a lot of fun and it was interesting to look at all the different displays and even interact with some of them. Would highly recommend going for this event in Finland!

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