Throughout my time in IE University, there were a variety of courses as well as co-curricular activities that you can participate in. These range from classes, to field trips, to concerts held by the IEU Music Club and more. It was amazing to be able to experience the lively culture of IE University, and it seemed as though there was always another fun and interesting event every week.

Dinner with friends on Chinese New Year

As an architecture student, one definitely cannot escape from Design Studio and so a majority of my time spent in IE was actually inside the studio, tolling away at my table, be it making my models or preparing for reviews in the classroom.

The design studio at the beginning of the semester before chaos took over

I was also able to join some of the field trips, such as the trip to the Fabrica de Tapices, a factory that manufactures tapestries in the traditional Spanish way as well as the Prehorquisa, a concrete factory near Segovia.

Traditional weaving of tapestries
Workers are the concrete factory mass producing slabs









I also was fortunate enough to see a few concerts organised by the IEU Music Club and they were amazing. Each of the concert sets were very well done, with talented students singing and performing.

IE Music Club Concert

In addition to the performing arts, IE University also has a variety of sports clubs that you can participate in. As I was interested in Badminton, I joined them in some of their recreational sessions.

Playing recreational badminton

I also participated in the setting up of an installation done by a visiting professor from College of Architecture & the Built Environment of Thomas Jefferson University. Severino Alfonso was an amazing professor and I was glad to be able to help him in setting up “Synesthesia”, an installation that is a manifestation of a body in an abstract form, creating an interaction where the machine looks out back at you as you look in.

Interview of Professor Severino


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