Throughout my time in Spain, I was very lucky to have been able to travel to different countries and cities. Each region had their own charm, with different food specialties and atmosphere. This included some of the field trips that I was fortunately able to be a part of and they were an enriching experience.

A marathon happening through the streets of Segovia

Firstly of course, are the streets of Segovia. Segovia is a small town that built on a mountainous  region and so the streets are often sloped and paved with rocks. It has the charm of an old traditional Spanish town, and you can easily witness a lot of traditional Spanish architecture throughout the town. There is also a wide variety of food that you can try, ranging from Spanish tapas to Turkish kebabs.

Right next to Segovia is the city of Madrid, where I spent a lot of time shuttling back and forth as it is the travel hub to other parts of Spain as well as around Europe. Madrid has some beautiful parks and amazing sights as well.

A beautiful view of the Alfonso XII monument

Over one of the weekends, my roommates and I went to a nearby town called Nevacerrada that is known for its snow capped mountains, hiking trails and most importantly ski slopes. Even though we did not prepare to ski, we still got to see really amazing sights and climbed up the tallest peak in the region, Peñalara.

Halfway up the mountain before we realised it was too steep to continue
First ever paella from Spain!

To visit some friends, I also went over to the Canary Islands on one of the longer holidays during the semester. Seeing how different the culture and the architecture can be in a different region of Spain was truly eye-opening. I also got the first taste of Spanish paella here.



Of course speaking about paella, one cannot forget the birthplace of this amazing dish. Valencia was beautiful, and the market bountiful with all kinds of foods and produce you can imagine. Spent a whole morning walking around, chatting with locals and enjoying amazing food.

Paella from the birthplace of the dish, Valencia

Lastly I also had to make a trip to Barcelona. The architecture by Antoni Gaudi is a sight to behold, and though I did not manage to enter the famed Familia Sagrada due to the tickets running out, I still got to see his other works such as the Casa Batllo, Casa Mila and more.

The Familia Sagrada by Antonio Gaudi
Casa Batllo by Antonio Gaudi
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