In UMD, there were many events laid out across the semester. I had loads of fun exploring the various events.  In UMD, there is a craze for sports, particularly basketball. In the beginning of the semester, there were many basketball games. It was fun to see how students of different walks of life come together to witness a sport almost every week. In this event, there usually are a limited number of shirts provided to the attendees – which makes it a race to get the game shirts as a collectible.

There were also events that were ethnically and culturally captivating – given the great number of South Asians present in UMD, it was easier to conduct events that are special to the South Asian community. For example, there was a Pakistani mock wedding that was held to allow South Asians to enjoy food, music and an atmosphere that are familiar to them.

Overall, I found that the events available in UMD were extremely captivating and diverse, as it allowed me to have fun and learn new things about the people around me. I really enjoyed these events, and my regret is that I was not able to attend more events like this as I was swarmed with work (unfortunately). Thus, I also hope that I will get to experience events like this in SUTD, in the future.


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