Road Trip to Assateague Island


Assateague Island is an island that is situated at the far east of the United States, where it takes 3 hours to drive from the University of Maryland. I first encountered the existence of Assateague Island through a TikTok. Ever since, I always had the urge to visit that Island, as it was not heard of in conversations when asked about places to visit in the state of Maryland. I wanted to check this island out, as I’ve never done stargazing before.


My friends and I began our journey to the Island around 7pm. We took turns driving across Highway 50, while making a pitstop over at the local Wawa (a gas station!) to get some refreshments. Over there, I got the best tasting hazelnut black coffee I’ve ever had! We were all starting to get a bit drowsy, so we drank a ton of coffee.

Reaching there, we were greeted with a wonderful sky. I’ve never had the experience to look at stars in my entire life, given that Singapore is known for its great deal of light pollution (given how tiny our country is). Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy, and it was difficult to catch the stars and the clear sky at all times. We had to wait hours to get a clear sky. However, this made us appreciate the sky even more, and made waiting for the clear sky worthwhile. I definitely loved this trip, and I would want to participate in more stargazing in the future!

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