Enjoying the last few moment of warmth

Towards the end of my exchange and well into the winter season, the sun rises at 9am and sets at 3pm, effectively providing 6 hours of sun. That is if we are lucky and the skies are clear and not cloudy. Having limited sunlight may not seem like an issue at first, after all I had thought that we could just ‘turn on the lights’. Little did I know how the lack of sunlight could affect my emotional wellbeing.

The long nights can quickly become depressing especially coming from a tropical country without much daylight saving, however, I was lucky to have close friends to support each other. It is important to find things to do and have a change of activities everyday to keep things interesting. Playing upbeat music will also help boost moods and make the days less dull. Lastly, it is important to stick to a sleeping schedule rather than sleeping your entire ‘night’ away, wasting your time in exchange!

Snowman to keep the blues away!
Night Landscape at 5pm
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