This week is very important to Chinese people, because the Dragon Boat Festival and Gaokao are during this period. We do not have any group activities this week but busy doing stuff of our course – Origami Robot. As for this week, we mainly talk about the personal experience and the feelings.


On the first day of the week, Jessie, a friend of Shaozuo, Tiffany and me, came to Hangzhou. After finishing the course, we went to Xihu having dinner and later hung around the lake. The night scene of Xihu is quite amazing as the lake reflect the light of the building around making flipping wave magic.


On the second day of week 4, Shaozuo and me went to library to learn the machine learning taught by Andrew Eng on the video. However, the library is quite full even on the weekdays when most of the students have courses. The differences between the libraries of ZJU and SUTD are the density of the desk arraignment which means many people will learn together but no one is noisy and disturbs others.


Later is the period of Gaokao, which is the one of the most important exams in high school students’ lives. Also on the first day of Gaokao, which is also Dragon Boat Festival, we ate zongzi of many flavors like mixed grains, meat, sweetened bean and so on. And from my perspective, zongzi is quite nice, and try some flavor that you like if can.


In the end, I want to use a very interesting Chinese couplet to show my best wishes to the Chinese examinees:




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