Project week ( 24-28 June)

The fourth week of the month is also the project week. Project week simply means that for the whole of that week, there will be no lessons. That being said, we will all be using those time to carry out meetings with our group members, working on the Concept Lab report that is dued on that Friday.

The purpose of the Concept Lab is as stated below:

  • inform readers (the graders in this case) about who is our client (Background information)
  • State the project objective and sub-objective
  • Some milestones we set for ourselves and the project
  • Any insights and findings with regards to our project
  • Ideation of ideas and analysis

For myself, my team is working on ideating a new dashboard that encompass multiple features to aid students. Well, I would love to share with you guys what we did for the project, but as we have signed the non-disclosure agreement form, it limits the amount of information we can share.


One guy craving out a bird whistle for his customers from scratch

On the previous Estonia trip, we were not able to walk and covered all the places we have intended to. Hence, we booked the ferry ticket and head down to Estonia again on the Saturday. Fortunately for us, it was Estonian Craft Brewers Festivals and also Folk Art Handicraft fair on the 29 of June. 

Shown above is a sneak peek of Jocelyn learning for another Estonian on how to hit a nail straight into the wood.

After which, we went to buy some really delicious cheese. And since it is their craft breweries festival, there  is no way  I am heading back without a drink. 

After buying a drink, I reused the cup and sampled another 8 more different beers before we head back to Helsinki. And this marks the end of our first month in Helsinki.

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