Our theme is collaborating with a company called 舒友 on three separate projects: electrosurgical pencil for arthroscopy surgery, smoke suction pencil for liver surgery and power generator for electrosurgical tools.

After several weeks of research to familiarise ourselves with the topics, we headed over to the company and presented our research to the personnels from the various departments.

The front desk of the company!

The manager wanted to test our Chinese proficiency level and got one of her staff to speak about 舒友in English and then we were suppose to translate to Chinese.

After the little warm up session, we proceed to present our research and analysis.

The smoke suction pencil group

The audience

The power generator group

I must admit, it is a challenging task to present in Chinese after being used to the English orientated education system in Singapore. But we managed to complete the task and the company were quite satisfied with our work and they are looking forward to our products. *yay!*

A cabinet displaying the various pencil bodies

The various electrodes that 舒友 produces

The company staff explaining some of the surgery procedures

That’s all for now! See you again!

-Sim Jun Xian

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MED - Meticulous. Expressive. Driven. Driven to Care for others, existing electro-surgery equipment are modified such that they improve surgeon’s usage comfort (during long operation) yet look aesthetically pleasing and professional. Together with members’ creativity, this can be achieved through feedbacks received from medical personnel and Surgeons themselves so that we can understand and tackle the challenges involved in using these surgical tools. Our group hopes to also reduce the risk of operations when using these tools so that in future, patients can undergo them with a piece of mind.


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