The results were amazing and when the product finally appeared in our hands, all the discussions with the factory, our TAs and professor all seemed worth it. Our shoe was so smooth to the touch! 3D printing it in the school vs 3D printing it from the factory made such a big difference in quality!!! (but the price too…)

And so, our shoe was only finally completed the night before the final presentation.

As we were finishing up the final touches of our ppt slides, our friend Dion came by and helped us name our shoe – Homéls
dHo and Melby  hehehe

A happy picture to signify the end of our ALP project.

Our TA had to leave for the USA right on the morning of our final presentation, so she missed seeing us that day. But she’ll still be part of the team nonetheless ahahahaa

After the presentation, everyone headed to the hotel right beside our hostel for a buffet dinner

Hoorah to the end of the projects!!!

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