Hi my name is Lam Teng Foong, people call me LTF.

I am going to blog a mix of personal and theme M stuff. Since we got 2 people that have yet to arrive this week, this entry is all personal. Alright, less writing and more pictures. Let’s go.

1) CAMPUS: Living the Life in Yu Quan Campus

Block 31 of Yu Quan Campus Hostel. The home away from home.

Two man crib with my roomie Sidney. Comfortable beds, a working table and a toilet (also a TV we don’t really use). What more can you ask for?

Breath-taking view from outside my room.

One of the 4 main canteens in Yu Quan. Good company and good food.

Massive Mao Zedong statue in the heart of Yu Quan campus. Awesome stuff.

Street behind South Gate of Yu Quan campus. A street of glorious food. The “Yu Quan Houjie” if you will.


The Grand Canal of Hangzhou.

I am a huge fan of the China Fan Museum.

And so I pray… Unlimited Blade Works! Or rather the Chinese Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum!

I am a left hander so scissors were my nemesis since young.

We would like to thank our buddies Yi Zhen and Yuan Zi for bringing us around on a busy Sunday. Really appreciate it!

Logo for our Buddy Day sharing session. Ridiculous Powerpoint skills.

Our buddy team won 2nd place for best presentation thanks to Aditya’s amazing video editing skills.

3) FOOD: Food Montage

All these just for … 2 SGD ?!?! Incredible cheap.

胖哥俩 Restaurant. Large amounts of meat simmering in a large pot. Enough said.

Stealth shot of the master at work.

First 外婆家 experience. Amazing.

You should see how the cook prepares the claypot rice. He would make for a very good Starcraft player. Blink stalkers.

汤包 at Yu Quan Houjie. 鲜肉包 was MVP.

It is not only the cakes that are sweet in this picture… Important note is that Shaun spilled his hot chocolate and hence there is a cup of tissue paper. Macha cake was MVP. It had layers of frozen macha cream between the cake.

Pizza from the Panini café opposite of North Gate. Around the price range found in Singapore.

An all-rounded bottle of tea.

That’s all for week 1. Stay tuned for week 2.

LTF signing off.



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Team members: Ang Wei Jun / Jway Jin Jun / Kevin Tan Kang Rui / Lam Teng Foong / Suen Hung Ying, Sidney / Tay Renjie / Teo Si-yan When humans think and feel, small electric signals zip from neuron to neuron. These signals can be detected in specific regions of the brain through a technique known as electroencephalograph (EEG). Group M, a mixture of aspiring EPD and ISTD students, aims to come up with a product that leverages on EEG technology. The desired outcome is a Brain Machine Interface (BMI) , in which a person can control the output of the device (such as an eletrical wheel chair) through mental thought alone. Stay tuned to our our blog as we share our latest developments as well as other exciting things we will be doing during ALP!


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