Monday was Children’s Day so no CIP at Hushu but I’m still out of school as my theme, Zen and Landscape Architecture planned an excursion to 中国美术学院, to see the architecture and landscape architecture.  I came here last weekend so it wasn’t new to me but we saw a really cute puppy that day.

After lunch we had free time to walk around the streets behind the art school. There were bookstores that had lots of art and drawing related books though all in Chinese. We went shopping and it felt a bit like Haji Lane where there were shops selling artsy clothes and cute little things.

Went down to Hushu on Wednesday to conduct our first English lessons for the kids. Me, Alethea and Sab took the sixth grade class. We were a bit lost at the start since none of us had any experience teaching kids and we weren’t sure of their learning capabilities as well. We started with the alphabets like A for apple, B for banana with handouts to let them practice writing and pictures for colouring. We ended the lesson teaching them the alphabet song.

It was a completely new experience for me as I had never led a class before and I was worried that the lesson wasn’t engaging for them. It might have been a little awkward at first but at least things went smoothly and the kids did enjoy colouring and singing along.

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I enjoy spending my free time sketching, doodling with music playing in the background, and occasionally some handicraft to try making something new each time. I love travelling as well, as I get to observe and experience the culture and meet people from the different parts of the world. And of course, not forgetting to try the local cuisine that we wouldn't find back home.


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