I shall let pictures and captions do most of the narration for this week’s post.

Continuing from where I left off last week, I explored 天都城, a town in the suburbs of Hangzhou renowned for being a mini replica of Paris. Within 天都城 is a French theme park, 天都公园. Due to the picturesque landscape within the park, many couples opt to have their wedding photos taken there.

View of the Eiffel tower from afar in daytime
View above from within the Eiffel tower
Lamp post with Parisian elements
An example of a building in 天都城
View of the street
Buildings accompanied by greenery
Colosseum-ish structure in front of the entrance of 天都公园
Entrance of 天都公园
Photograph of a church within 天都公园
Photograph of a castle within 天都公园

View of the Eiffel tower in night time

Moving on, my theme had our weekly Architecture field trips; this time to China Academy of Art (中国美术学院) to see their exhibits as well as appreciate the architecture of the school compound.

Photograph of the interesting roof structure seen within the school campus

“The Oriental Bamboo Art of Living Exhibition on Asian Bamboo” was the highlight of our trip. It showcased man’s ingenuity in shaping nature (in this case bamboo) to fit his own needs.

Exterior wall of the museum made of ceramic tiles inserted into a wire netting
Bamboo hut displayed outside the exhibition

Examples of what one can make with bamboo

Bamboo tree house?

Hangzhou’s 西湖 is well-known for its breath-taking scenery. With that in mind, I decided to explore the area myself. I had a short half-day trip to 3 landmarks around 西湖: 雷锋塔, 三潭印月 and 岳庙.

Interior of a public bus

View of 雷锋塔 from beneath it

Remnants of the original 雷锋塔
Ceiling of 雷锋塔
Boat to 三潭印月
Interior of the boat
View of 雷锋塔 from 三潭印月

Some photos taken within 三潭印月
Entrance of 岳庙
岳飞’s motto
岳飞’s tomb

Metal statues of the sinners who caused 岳飞’s death
Photograph of 岳庙’s main hall

The first official TFI session begins next week – a paper plane folding lesson and competition; looking forward to interacting with the children there!

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