I think that it is almost the same for everyone – It is my first time making robots with students from other countries. My teammates are all good people, and they all have their unique strength.

We had an idea presentation on the second day. The team discussed the ideas to see which is the most feasible, and we planned for a rough strategy. I thought that this would be the most difficult task, but all of us could agree on a single good idea, so the discussion went smooth. We were asked a few questions at the presentation, but we managed to answer them.

It’s a common topic to talk about food when we are staying abroad, but I have to comment that the food here is good. SUTD has a cafeteria and we have our breakfast and lunch there. I had a few meals there, and everything was good.

The climate in Singapore is a little hot and humid compared to Japan. However, the air-conditioner made the stay in the room comfortable. I do my best to keep myself in a healthy condition to take part in the contest.

Lastly, I want to show the view from my room – I’m woken up by this wonderful sunrise.

Kazuki, Chiba

Tokyo Denki University

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