Can’t believe its already halfway through Week 6! (Blog post says week 5 as I’m backlogging). We’re slowly turning into locals. Guess what, the street vendor from whom I usually buy snacks from, now remembers my order even without me saying a word. Here’s a snippet of the past week.

Hu Shu Special School

The teachers were preparing something special for the little ones and needed our help. Nope, not as english teachers, but as COSTUME DESIGNERS! The children were to wear these costumes (made up of recycled materials) for their upcoming activity. So, if you’ve been following my blog, you’d known by now how much of an artsy person I am. But wait, it’s the effort that counts right?

(models Matthew and Alethea, with our masterpieces. Preorder now. While stocks lasts!)

For this week’s english lesson, we decided to do something different for the kids. Besides teaching them to read and write new words, we played charades, which made it more engaging for the kids. The theme was animals, and we basically took turns to act as various animals, from alligators to gorillas! Must have really been amusing for the kids to watch us go wild!

The response was good and we’ve realised that children learn better through games than just resorting to paper and pen (*colour pencils in their case)

Product Form Lesson

It’s our last week of lessons, before we dive into our theme projects full time. After weeks of prototyping, it’s finally time to exhibit our works.

Presenting to you, the nature-stool! =)

We took inspiration from nature, and thus the name. The stool legs mimic tree trunks and the top, a leaf.  We aren’t fine craftsmen when it comes to wood, but considering the limited carpentry tools we were provided with, it’s a remarkable feat indeed and I’m really proud of it! Most importantly, it actually SUPPORTS OUR WEIGHTS!

RHINO lessons

Nothing much here. Since it’s the last proper lesson, and the next time we’d be CADDing would be for our theme projects proper, I thought I’d just share some of our homework submissions we’ve done over the past weeks. Rhino is such a powerful tool and I suggest everyone, regardless of which pillar you’re heading to, to spend some time learning it.

Theme Updates (Interactive Pet Products)

We’ve been busy brainstorming over the past week and it was time to present our ideas to our theme mentors. Here’s our top 5. Would be presenting these ideas to the pet company next week, before we choose on one to work on.

1) Wearable device which takes photos whenever a dog feels excited (by studying heart rates)

2)  Thermo-cooled hoodie, which provides warmth and fosters closer bond between owners & pets

3)  RFID water fountain (prevents other pets, toddlers from drinking)

4) POOP cleaner (name says it all)

5) Automatic ball launcher, which functions with minimal owner’s supervision, treat reward system

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