DATE 2019 Week 10: Shanghai Trip part 1

15th July - 21st July 2019

To Shanghai

After the Origami Robot project, my group of friends wanted to take a break and to travel somewhere farther than Hangzhou. Hence, a few of them planned four days three nights trip to Shanghai for a mini getaway before the next project.

The plan for the trip was the first day to the theme park, the second day the boat ride, the third day was visiting more of the historical sites and on the final day to walking around the shopping district before we return to Zhenjiang University.

In this two-part post, I would be writing about two places which I found that I had the most enjoyable time.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley!!!
Happy Valley!!!

For the first post, the place I would be writing about is Happy Valley. Happy Valley is a theme park which is one of the tops recommended theme parks in Shanghai apart from Disneyland. Since we went to the theme park straight after we arrived in Shanghai. The main concern was to find a place to deposit our luggage. Lucky, Happy Valley provides a luggage deposit service.

Cyclone Ride

The ticket per person was 230RMB which was about 40 to 50 SGD and it was worth. There was a wide range of rides ranging from children-friendly rides like the Pendulum ride to usually roller coaster and the top scanner.

Lunch at Happy Valley

Lunch in Robo Restaurant

The restaurants and diners were also uniquely themed. Most of my group went to a KFC like restaurant, which looks quite futuristic with a conveyor belt leading to every table and robot to welcome them. This made them assumpted that their food would be served via robots or the conveyor belt. But sadly, the service robot which welcomes them, and the conveyor belt were just a display and design purposes. However, the food was tasty, and I would say it was better than Singapore KFC.

Sadly, it was rained causing our fun to be cut short. Hence, we proceed to do the indoor entertainments such as the escape room and the haunted house before we have to leave the theme park.

Overview of Happy Valley

Overall, Happy Valley is a theme park worth going and I would personally recommend their roller coasters ride especially Diving Coaster and Mine Train Coaster. On the next week post, I would decide about another place that I had been. Hint: it is a place where a lot of movie and television drama was filmed.

Special Thanks to those in the Photos

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 6, 20th – 23rd June 2019)

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