The first week is reaaly to explore Hangzhou. Hangzhou not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also highly developped economy system. We went to wander around 西湖 together, which is what Hangzhou famous for, it is nice time to enjoy takeing the boat and chatting with boatman, ‘Paradise above, Suhang below'(上有天堂,下有苏杭). This Saturday we had various culture experiences with ZJU buddys. They brought us to Longjing village, Tea Museum, ancient street, campus tour, showing great hosip tality. Apart from strong culture atmosphere, Zhejiang is famous for bussiness. On Wednesday we visited 梦栖小镇,where there are many design theme companys, especailly a company called 3D科技, we knew of a lot about large-scale production, 3D production and model building really surprised us. Alipay, Internet Technology… Hangzhou is also a modern city.

Yep it is the start of our project, we met our prof Wu and our TA. Upcoming weeks we are using machines learning skills and mathematical model building and conducting some experiences about brain signal.

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