I’m sadly back in Singapore as ALP has ended for me. Since I need to make another blog post tomorrow, I shall make this post short.

Yesterday was the ALP final presentation. It went well as I get to catch up with what other people have been doing over the past 3 months in China. I am impressed with many groups’ work. And kudos to Alex and Gui An for the awesome emcee!

Theme photo after presentation

Well, ALP had been an enjoyable and enriching journey for me and I would say that I definitely do not regret my choice of appealing to join ALP (as compared to GLP which was given to me initially).

I’m sure I would miss ALP – the delicious food (like Mojito’s Mexican food, canteen cheap food, houjie’s food, all my waimai, shaokao with friends etc), cycling my way to many places, a lot of shows available in Chinese apps and many many more

Things to probably will not miss: the hot weather in Hangzhou, not having my good friend Google, being woken up by the lady who helped us clean the room

Of course, I shall take the chance to shout out to all those people who make ALP so fun:

  • TFI for the generous award, allowing me to not worry about my finance
  • SUTD for giving me the chance to join ALP
  • ZJU and IDI for hosting us
  • All the people in ALP for talking to me, entertaining me, accompanying me throughout the months while I’m in China (esp those who watch movies with me at night, playing games with me, eating meals with me)
  • All awesome theme mates: Lutong for being so funny and also a great leader, Yihong for being a very nice person, Claire for being so cool, James for being so hardworking, Zile for bringing joy to the team and recommending me shows to watch, Joshua for being so responsible, Tiantian for looking blur but knows what he’s doing, Zihao for being funny too (always playing games or watching videos of people playing games or watching shows or scrolling through zhihu app)
  • My TA: Zhou Zhibin for always there for us and Zhang Rui for guiding us for machine learning and everything
  • Prof Sun for giving valuable insights to the team
  • All the new (including international) friends I had made during ALP

(wanted to post photos here but my internet connection is very slow. I’m sure others will help to post photos!)

See you again in my next blog post in Japan!

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