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So this week wassup?

Well, this week we’ve been picking up the pace on product development. I am tasked to code out the GUI of the program in Unity so that Gui An can build the OpenCV layers and Frank can do some facial recognition magic. Whereas Kenneth and Jingqi are juggling the other deliverables for our team.

Then why the title like that

I’ll happily admit that I feel that my work was the simplest to make. Animate an object in the HoloLens by building it in Unity, the trigger will be the camera looking at the object.

Yeah as by the powers of procrastinating and youtube, I finished it in 2 days.

In my defense, all of my code was made by myself, because of the fact that the existing code by Microsoft simply would not work with my models in Unity

Oi stop talking about work la

Whoops sorry, just wanted to prove that I have been up to something because otherwise, this week has been rather dull.

Oh yeah, another Typhoon ‘hit’ Zhejiang again, this time it’s Typhoon Ampil, the weather just got more humid and I just sweat more.

I’ve also been planning more of my after ALP trip. So far, my plan is to head to Xi’an after the presentation for ALP, to save time, I’ll be leaving during the recess week. Additionally, I think I’ll be flying to Xi’an, because the flight ticket is just a bit more expensive than the highspeed rail, and it’ll be much shorter. And I can maximize my time here as well.

For the uninformed(read: plebians), Xi’an is home to the famed Terracotta Warriors, alongside a very famous Mountain in China, Hua Shan.

Yeah, so the after ALP travel dream is still living. Just hoping that I have enough cash to survive in China AND Kazakhstan, and China again after my trip to Kazakhstan.

Doesn’t sound like it’s going to work out, but it will.

Huh blog like that then end liao ah

I hate to see the quality of this blog drop, but when you have to do your projects, being stuck indoors for most of the time of the week is not really optimal writing conditions, let alone finding inspiration and items to talk about.

Lets see if I can find anything more next week.




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