The title of this post brings a lot of meaning into this week. First of all, we’ve been here for 11+ weeks, homesickness is starting to kick in. Part of me is wishing to just go home and rest on my non-squeaky bed, but there is still a hint of the other part that is loving every second of this adventure and hoping Term 4 doesn’t start. Second of all, that phrase perfectly describes our project. We have managed to get so many different parts of our project working, but we have so many issues integrating them together in part due to our limited skill-set. (a bit technical here) i.e. Emotion detector working in C# but having issues integrating it together with the Hololens-unity setup we have going. The current Hololens-unity setup can do facial detection, but not recognition. So many holes and just a few weeks more to patch them all up. Here’s to a flooded workload for the next few weeks.

Below are some photos from our tests within Unity:



-Kenneth Sim

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