It’s week 3! This week, the number of lessons started to ramp up, and my theme also started brainstorming for ideas. As someone who has been self-studying music theory back in Term 2 and 3 in SUTD, I found that my newfound knowledge has potential to be applied into the product we are designing. As such, I’m excited to see how the next 2 months will unfold!

In other news, the TFI scholars visited 杭州市湖墅学校 earlier this week on Friday. This school is the organization that we’re working with under the TFI scholarship. Tentatively, we will come back to this school to help them out in some form of activity (yet to be decided) for 3 days in the coming weeks. For our first visit, we were brought on a tour around the school to learn about the structure of the school and the facilities they have. It was quite interesting to see that apart from academics, they provide vocational training when they are older, so that when they leave the school, they can find it easier to adapt to working life! The facilities and overall programme of the school illustrated how student-centric the school was, with a safe environment and many facilities to aid in the children’s growth in many various aspects. I’m looking forward to working with them soon!!

That’s it for this week, see you soon!

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