This week, we have a meeting in Mengmingwei building, and professor Wu roughly told the theme of experiments that we will design in June. And later Prof Wu recommended a meeting which held by a club every week which so many IT hobbyists gather together to talk about their own program so that they can learn new things and share their own computing and work experience. Furthermore, they also learn machine learning by watching video from Andrew Eng together and share the problems on the specific website and learn the course by themselves.


We mainly listened to the articles sharing process. There are three pieces of articles which presented by Liu LIfeng, Wang zhen and Hu Songlin. The first one talked about the Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: Finding sparse, trainable neural networks which concludes the introduction, the logarithm and process of the pruning, the experiments and the results and future development. The second one talked about a road pavement monitoring system for anomaly detection using smart phones. And the last one introduced a method called Monte Carlo to deal with some problems like apply this kind of methods into designing gams. Later he explained how to use Monte Carlo to write codes of Game blackjack using python. Although we do not understand everything that they share, but we can feel the positive atmosphere that everyone is willing to learning new things and share their own experience and problems, and others also actively interact with them and try to give them their best advice.


And some of us also went for Zhi Jiang之江International youth art exhibition on May 29th. We saw so many products with creative ideas and wonderful design, like the function, appearance and the structure of the car prototype. And another area of the street mainly shows the game design to the visitors. And later we visit the graduation exhibition of China Academy of Arts, which presents so many amazing structure of the architectures and their theme is around using the dense structure which means using the least space to achieve the multi-functional center to best use of the space and save the land source.

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