Am i cool yet mum?

Hi, my name is Dan! This is my ALP TFI Blog, if you haven’t seen last weeks post, click here to read it first.


How has this week been smelling?

The week has been a bit busier than the last. We’ve started on our design thinking & expression course( also known as paper bending with 3D printers, kind of abstract, but I’ll get to it later, promise), and we’re also wrapping up our design fiction videos( oh yeah it’s this course that I think I either glossed over or didn’t even mention in the first place).

I meant, 这个week可以吃的吗?

Talking about 吃, one of the things I really went crazy on this week was the 北京烤鸭(Beijing roast duck). There was a shop that could deliver this to my office at the low low cost of 20 yuan (~5-6 SGD). This would be a personal craze that lasted the whole week, after that, the cravings seem to just die off.



Just to let you know how it tastes, you know sometimes too much fat is too disgusting to eat?


The Beijing roast duck is the exact opposite of that, crisp skin with a nice layer of fat underneath makes my taste buds sing in delight.

Like really, it’s really some good food right there.


Ok so is there anything else to complain? Sir Whinesalot

Hey, I do not complain ̶a̶ ̶l̶o̶t̶ at all on the blog.

Ok, maybe I do a bit.

But it’s ok because you love me nonetheless.

Actually, I’ve been coping well with the workload, mainly because I have two lovely zaikias to help out with the ZJU IDI in-house courses(the ones I mentioned above, thanks to Edmund and Zhou Zhi).

So nothing to complain about la? Wa finally can end this blog.

I’ve been interested in making a suit since I saw a few friends make a suit in Shanghai, a place known for their fabrics and quality of suits. So on Friday, I headed out with a few friends to make a suit in Shanghai(literally $5 train tickets to get to China).

And it’s a pretty good deal for a high-quality suit, I paid around $300. Now I finally have a suit that CDC can’t complain about at the internship fairs. (TOTALLY NO SALT HERE).



We also had some photo taking shots for the following DIP conference later in the month.


Turns out she didn’t tolerate my face even

My mother always told me that I have a face that only she tolerated.







The poor plebs going to Sichuan together with me

We finally end off the week with a nice trek of the Xihu district, since I’ve been there before, I’ll just post a few photos instead of a buttload.


I went with the Sichuan peeps that were planning on going trekking with me, mainly because we’ll be trekking at high altitudes and it would be tiring if we didn’t do some form of prep beforehand as well.


Green hills
Double the green hills

This week got HASS ornot?

This week not much HASS-ing to do, mainly because I couldn’t think of a topic and I think forcing it is stupid as well, so I’ll leave it off here.

See you guys next week


















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