It’s Day 2 of our entreprenurship summer camp and the speed has started to pick up. The programme is structured as a 3 week accelerated start-up hackathon, with the first half of each day dedicated to guest lectures and talks from prominent industry leaders.

Today,  the first talk of the day was kick-offed by the President of EIA  and covered interesting know-hows for entrepreneurs on how to build the next 100M business (PSA: 100M == unicorn)

This picture pretty much illustrates the difference between an invention and innovation. As cliche as it may sounds, the iPod is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of music players. That’s because, though not the first to develop mp3 players, Apple reinvented the user experience of how we interacted with media. Somehow, I find this similar to the Shanzhai concept in Shenzhen, which dwelves on the concept of constant innovation and product iterations (highly reccommend to check out more about Shanzhai from the web)

The “toothbrush test” often practised in Google is a good way to validate your identified problem. Often, start-ups are so fixated with  a certain solution to a problem that it may fail to identify the root cause of the problem itself.

There was also a guest lecture by Google on how we could validate our ideas with some really awesome google services/tools which are available on the net.

THIS! (pretty cool to have this life hack shared to us by a biohacker)

Lastly, here’s our team hard at work, building the next unicorn =)

Ciao, Sabareesh (Junior,EPD)

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EIA’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer Programme aims to develop a new venture to the market within the 15 days of program. Participants follow all the milestones for creating a startup – from idea to launching. It is the full real-life experience of starting a startup, throughout the program, all the topics, teachings and skills to make it a success will be given to the participants.


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