It is nearing the Halloween weekend and there are many Halloween events around Seoul. During the last week of October, I visited the Lotte World with my friends. We got to explore the Lotte World in the morning and also experience the Halloween decorations, events and special haunted houses at night. Besides visiting Lotte World for a Halloween experience, I also signed up for the Hanyang One World and an international Halloween event. These two events are actually great networking opportunities for me to meet people from other universities in Seoul.

HOW Halloween Party

I managed to chance upon a booth along the streets during Halloween. It was this group of people who were actually giving out free candies/snacks and even energy drinks to everybody. My friends and I were a little sceptical at first; but after some interactions with them, they said that they were doing it to promote the act of giving and it makes them feel happy.

The autumn season is coming to an end. The leaves colours’ has changed and they are starting to fall. What a pretty sight!

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