I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me he/she has covered every last mile of all the trails in Hong Kong. One thing that I noticed after my 1-month of short stay was that there are endless mountains surrounding Hong Kong and hiking really is the thing for all the outdoor lovers. By then, Qiu Hong and I had already been to Victoria’s Peak and Mount Parker Road Green Trail, so we decided to up our game a little and went on another excursion to the highest peak in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan. Instead of aiming for the peak, we took another path for a waterfall adventure hike.

Start of the Hike

Till now, my friends still tease me with my “very easy and short hike” description that I used when I first invited them to join us for the hike. Truth be told I was dead wrong. The hike took us around 6 hours and due to the underestimation of time and difficulty, every one of us came totally unprepared. Towards the end, we ran out of food and water, and we were so worn out that everyone was wondering why they signed up for this in the very first place. However, the magic of a climb is that the journey is more or less always tedious, but the views that come as rewards make everything worthwhile. It is that very moment that cast a spell on me and makes me want more even though every time I will say there is no next time.

Waterfall Along the Way
Me Underneath a Waterfall
Group Photo – 1
Group Photo – 2
Group Photo Near the Peak














By the time we were back to civilization, it was already 4 in the afternoon. As we were munching on carb-loaded dishes to recover, it suddenly occurred to us that there would be fireworks near Victoria Harbour at night in celebration of China’s National Day. Since I was too lazy and exhausted to go near the crazy crowds in the evening, I decided to enjoy the fireworks from my hostel. Here a glimpse into the 20-minute long fireworks.

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