Victoria peak is one of the most well-known tourist attraction in Hong Kong that overlooks the city skyline of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. With no events or classes scheduled that day, I made an impromptu decision to hike up Victoria Peak. On my way to Victoria Peak, I met up with Shirley who happens to have her classes cancelled. We took a bus towards Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road and walked up the pathway beside HKU University Hall until we saw the sign that reads “Pok Fu Lam Country Park”.

On the way to the peak, the weather took a bad turn. In Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Observatory would issue warnings and signals to the public whenever a hazardous weather is imminent. The Typhoon signal 3 was raised that afternoon in anticipation of strong wind. Throughout the journey, loud swishing noise can be heard whenever the winds blow past. We tried to hike up as quickly as possible and it was definitely not a pleasant hike with the fear that random trees on the sidewalk may suddenly snap and fall upon us.

However, even without the strong winds, I would still find this hike to be unpleasant. The entire road upwards was sloped to allow vehicles to pass through, making it more suitable for cardiovascular workouts than a sightseeing trip. Tall trees along the sidewalks may provide shade but they also block out the views available along the way. This was a rather short hike which took us 45 minutes to reach the top from the entrance at Pok Fu Lam Reservoir.

Once we reached the peak, we saw crowds of tourists who came up by the peak tram. Even with the typhoon alert, an overcast sky, and a weekday afternoon, it doesn’t stop people from checking out the peak. I can imagine the difficulty of vying for a photogenic spot after sunset or even on a clear day.

Thereafter, we went down along the Old Peak Road.

Along the way, hotels, bungalows, and condominium can be seen built along the slope which houses the ultra-rich of Hong Kong.

The path leads directly to the Hong Kong zoological and botanical gardens which is an open space park that houses a small species of fauna and flora.

From the park, it leads towards Lan Kwai Fong where the mid-level escalator is located. Since it was 4pm then, the escalator was running upwards to allow the residents to return home from work. We rode the escalator upwards and ventured into Tai Kwun. Tai Kwun was the original site of the central police station compound whereby it was revamped to incorporate heritage and lifestyle. Some of the prison cells for example was renovated to become bars in order to give the visitors a unique party experience.

Overall, Victoria peak is well developed and maintained to cope with the huge influx of residents and visitors. It is a worthwhile sight-seeing spot to visit for those who doesn’t want to sweat but still wants to see magnificent views of the city landscape. Its central location also makes it convenient to travel to other attractions within the vicinity. However, the convenience and safety of the trail had greatly reduced the thrill of the hike. I look forward to discover more of the “nature” aspect of Hong Kong.

Journey: 1.5 Hours

Difficulty: Easy


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