I had the opportunity to partake in volunteering works during my stay in Hong Kong. While there were numerous activities to choose from, I decided to take part in one where I was tasked to deliver food packages from donor companies to the various beneficiaries across Hong Kong. Being an assistant deliveryman, I explored many places in Hong Kong and was also able to better understand some of the social problems in Hong Kong.

The company that I volunteered at – ’Feeding Hong Kong’, is a food bank which sources for avenues of food wastages and then directs them to beneficiaries. Naturally, the major donor companies are those who keep stock of excess food, such as Cathay Pacific, Wellcome, Pizza Express. Feeding Hong Kong helps to repackage these food products and then distributes them out.

Besides food logistics, Feeding Hong Kong is also partners with PRET, a coffee chain, which has donation boxes in stores. The donations from these boxes are collected on a weekly basis. During one of the weeks as a volunteer, I was tasked to collect the donation funds. I was quite surprised by the amount that was actually raised in a week through such means, and it was heartening to see donation boxes making positive impacts to the social scene despite the popularisation of using cashless payments.

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