The categories and the tables below are pretty much all undergraduate clubs exist in KAIST.

Life & Culture

Club Name Description
Ultimate Taste Culinary and Restaurant Reviews
Maek Go (Baduk)
Shangri-La Watching Animations
Journey Travel
Beautiful Movies Watching Movies
Kaldi Coffee
Pan-noreum Board Games
THE MIXER Cocktail Research
T.pot Tea Ceremony and Tea Research



Club Name Description
Mansinjangi Jazz Dance and Dancecal Performances
Ibagutor Theater Activities
Illusion Hip Hop Dance and Street Dance
Lunatic Street Dance
MindFreak Magic
Number Musical
Gombalbadak Handmade
Grimijua Fine Art
Garden of Literature Writing and Joint Critiques
Stargazers Stargazers
Bit-ttara (Follow the Light) Photography
Passion Cartoon and Digital Illustration
Silver Screen Independent Film Production



Club Name Description
KangJeok Hard Rock Band
Twilight Modern Rock Band
Infinite Heavy Metal Band
Changjak Donghwa Jazz and Original Song
CarpeDiem Pop band
Praiser CCM Band
STURGEON Emo/Core/Punk Band
Twenties Dream Punk Rock Band
Ghutto’s Black Music (Hip Hop, Rap, R&B)
Baobab A Capella
A Capella Acoustic Music
HUG Busking and Applied Music
KAIST CHORUS Choir and A Capella
MUSE Session and Chorus
SOS Hip Hop and R&B
Tteoioenre Gugak String and Wind Instruments
Sorimoeum Pungmul
FingS Fingerstyle Guitar
FUZE KAIST Party Planning and Deejaying
LP Music Composition
PIAST Piano Performance and Concerts


Religion & Society

Club Name Description
Didimdol Educational Volunteer and Assistance for the Disabled
KAIST Cat Shelter Caring for Street Cats on Campus
EWB-KAIST Technical Development and Services
International Student Organization Experience of Korean Culture / Student Interactions
SEED KAIST Educational Volunteer for Multicultural Families and Marginalized Classes
DTD Dark Tour and Other Related Activities
K-Let Youth Mentoring
KSOP Academic and Career Mentoring
Sanarae, KAIST Catholic Student Association KAIST Catholic Student Association
Navigator Christian Leadership
CCC Christian Missions
IVF Bible Studies and Community Activities



Club Name Description
Rookie Baseball
Slim Dunk Women’s Basketball
Aquila F.C Futsal
Tu Basketball
Fairway Golf
Hurricane Soccer
Doolly 5 on 5 Basketball
EDGE Table Tennis
K-Bird Table Tennis
KISC Soccer, Futsal, Badminton, Fitness, etc
Kaori Swimming and Fin Swimming
Sword Society Korean Kumdo Training and Competitions
Polar Bear Judo
Ulala Sports Climbing
Action Volcano Taekwon
KAIST Haidong Gumdo Club Haidong Gumdo Training
KAKI Snowboarding and Skiing
TEAM LINE Fitness and Bodybuilding



Club Name Description
Forest Biological Inquiries
Jilju Car-making
Haje Game Research and Game-making
GoN Information Security and Hacking
KAIST Math Problems Research Society Math Research
KAIST Purple Puzzle Research and Sharing
MR Robotics Research and Fabrication
RUN Algorithm Problem-Solving
Include Mobile Computing
Freethinkers KAIST Atheism and Free Thinking
KFAC Financial Academic Club
MSK Business Management Strategies and Consulting


Normally for sports clubs, there is an admission test to take if one wants to join the club. Also, for some of the music-related clubs, you may need to take audition before joining the club as well. I notice many of my international friends joining Sorimoeum where they had chance to play the Korean traditional musical instruments. They were also able to experience the Korean culture. I even noticed some of them performing for the club during their exchange period in KAIST.

Making the local friends can bring us valuable memories and experience that we might not be able to acquire in Singapore. One of the recommended ways to make friends in KAIST is to join the clubs. If the club’s intention is of your interest, you may find the other students with the same passion and interest as you in that club. I could say that everyone in KAIST seemed nice and kind to engage with. I somewhat regret not making more friends while studying in KAIST. The Earth keeps spinning and life goes on. I wonder how exciting it would be to meet those whom I shared my memory with somewhere in the world again.

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