Hi Friends! It’s my turn to blog again! So, I would start of by making a disclaimer, the trip to the Niagara Falls, of Taiwan, was an unplanned one. (Well, it probably has a bit to do with me not being a fantastic planner and the weather in Taiwan not being all that helpful …)

So, for those more interested in the waterfalls, more information about that place follows immediately after this paragraph. For those who are interested in the backstory behind how we got to the waterfalls, it’s at the end. 😀


So here’s a brief description of the place, best done by someone other than me…

Source: https://guidetotaipei.com/visit/shifen-waterfall-十分大瀑布

Anyway, it just means that it was a really nice place, and a pretty worth-while place to go to. (It is a little tourist-ty though, so things are more expensive there…)

Here are some photos of us there!

This are just some of the photos we took. For more, visit the link above.

Some other things to note:
十分 is a relatively famous place where people release sky lanterns, so that’s another thing that can be done at 十分 😀

The Back Story:
So the brief story goes as such, we were originally planning to go on a hiking trip to 孝子山, but the it was raining quite a bit, so we decided to postpone the hike as the trail would be quite wet, and thus we had to find an alternative, since we already took the train to Ruifang Station, and thus, decided to visit 十分 instead.

Personally, I would recommend looking up 孝子山 for those interested in some adventure and the outdoors, it seems like a really fun hike! A pity the weather didn’t allow for it…  🙁


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