If you had met me in the previous 2 years, you would have recognized me as the eccentric long hair guy in SUTD who plays the piano a lot. Not much of the eccentricity has changed, but my hair did.

I remembered earlier this year when I cut my hair short, no one recognized me. It was like an episode of X-Files. Who am I now? Am I who the person I once was? It is fun to change my appearance once in a while, it’s like a disguise.

Look at me with longer hair.

Now look at me with short hair woah! What’s going on with the pink dye woah!!!!

Ok here’s how I look like now. I changed the color of my hair.

What I’ve realized is that hair color and appearance, affects psychology a lot. These disguises give different cues to people. While subtle, people interact with me differently now with different disguises. What should I disguise myself as in the future?

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