Bukhansan was pretty amazing, definitely a must-climb if you are free when in Seoul. I hiked with an SMU girl that the gang and I met during the icebreaker weekend trip organised by Hanyang students.

The hike up wasn’t easy at all, we encountered rocks after rocks. At the top, there were steel cables with which we used to pull ourselves up the steep steps. The ascend to the peak took around 3 hours. It would have been just 2.5 hours but the picturesque view and autumn colours provided many photo opportunities. It’s my first time experiencing the weather transitioning from autumn to winter and I must say the change in colour of the leaves is absolutely gorgeous.

I initially thought it would be 1900m high but it was actually 836m. 836m was no easy feat I must say.

Other than Bukhansan, I have peaked two other mountains within the city of Seoul: Inwangsan and Yongmasan. These two mountains give a panoramic view of urban Seoul. Seoul is a really good place for casual day hikes, offering a good selection of mountains.

The locals here love to hike, especially the seniors. They would dress up from head to toe in their fluorescent hiking gear, looking fit for an adventure. Often equipped with their trekking poles, many also hike with a huge backpack full of food for a picnic up in the mountains.

– Jordan

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