Hi there! It’s me Russ again.

As you’ve last heard from Brandon, examination preparations have been underway for many of us. Outside of the various busy and ambitious schedules that many of us have undertaken, we also have to come to terms with life in Sweden in dealing with commuting times and food schedules. In addition to this, the number of “bright” hours have been steadily diminishing. This means that winter is coming.

Jokes aside, the weather is really getting chilly and the green vines have begun to turn red all around KTH.

In the midst of all this, I grappled with the fact that Sweden does not celebrate local festivities such as Mid-Autumn Festival. Undeterred by this however, my Singaporean and Taiwanese 朋友s roped in a few more friends from other cultures (America and Japan) and hosted our own party. Mid-Autumn is not celebrated in Japan which comes as a bit of a surprise to me too.

We spent the awesome Wednesday night sharing more about what we do in our country during the festival and invited our friends to try moon cakes. Of course, the Singaporeans were keen to buy some Durian snowskin moon cakes from the Swedish Oriental Mart too. We had the first hand experience of witnessing foreign distaste to our locally celebrated “King of Fruits”. The festivities came to a close rather early due to early classes the next day but we all had fun. Most felt that moon cakes were an awesome treat and wished to have more.

Thanks for reading my post once again!

This is Russ signing off, but stay tuned for Rebecca’s post sometime soon.

Vi ses!

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