An impulse trip, but no regrets. This trip only happened because my TA told my roomie and I that Huangshan would get crowded once the summer break starts.

There were a lot of bad stories about Huang Shan actually. A few of my friends were complained about bad weather, it being too foggy to see anything. No sunrises, no sunsets. How it could rain so heavily that pitching a tent to save money was impossible. Others complained how it took a physical toll on them. To play safe, I decided to book a dorm and cable car my way up 1400m No regrets haha. We were blessed with good weather and who would’ve thought that the view from a cable car was magnificent too!

We were super lucky to only experience light drizzles! We managed to catch the sea of clouds, one sunrise and one sunset 10/10 most memorable trip of ALP!

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