Harnessing the boundless energies and curious minds of our youths, the Temasek Foundation Leadership Enrichment and Regional Networking (TF LEaRN) Programme is designed to enhance the leadership capabilities of outstanding students in Asia. It aims to develop regional connection, interpersonal networks and social responsibility for the community, through a semester-long exchange programme in selected Asia countries.

Hear from our Inbound TF LEaRN Scholars on their exchange experience in Singapore and find out more from their blogs!


Shek Kin Long Ronald (Left), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

Blog (Spring 2019): https://ronaldshek10.tumblr.com/

“The programme has linked students to the local community, fostering socially responsible young leaders for future regional development. My major takeaway was the personal development to be a future leader. This did not only limit to the classroom learning, in which I could sharpen my communications skills in presentations to better convey my message, but also the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds, especially age groups, providing me with a clearer overview on the sociopolitical situation of this country.”


Shin Kwangho (Left), Hanyang University, South Korea                               

Blog (Spring 2019): http://blog.naver.com/rhkdgh9314

“Thanks to the TF LEaRN Programme, I could concentrate on my exchange life without financial concerns and could experience community service which may be hard for foreigners to access. The experience had changed my attitude towards the world. I learnt values of tolerance and generosity which are important for a leader.”


Kim Chung Hwan, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea                               

Blog (Summer 2019): https://blog.naver.com/vkdlxld3

“As part of my volunteering work, I helped out with the Families for Life Celebration at Punggol SAFRA. It was a memorable experience as I watched many happy families enjoying it. The activity made me reflect on the the importance of family and spending precious time with them.”


Yang Tzu Tsuan (Right), National Taiwan University                                 

Blog (Fall 2019): https://exchangelifeinsg.blogspot.com/

“During my exchange, I learned to step out of my comfort zone. It was intimidating at the start, but I became more independent. Being a part of TF LEaRN Programme is not giving out what you have to others, but earning and learning lots of things from others.”


Tien Jui Che (Bottom Right), Feng Chia University

Blog (Fall 2019): https://1d818.blogspot.com/

“The exchange had shaped my perspective of the Singapore education system. The people I met were very good people and very friendly. I learned a lot from them as well as friends from different countries. All these wonderful experiences had turned into great memories.”


Ting Chiao Lun (1st row second from right), Feng Chia University

Blog (Fall 2019): https://www.pixnet.net/pcard/smallgiant412/publish/articles

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“I always remember a speech from the TF Forum – Homesickness is alright but don’t let it deter you from making the most of the programme. This sentence had changed me a lot. I began to seriously think about how many things I could accomplish and where my limits were. I began to be willing to make new friends and tried to communicate with classmates from other countries. I went to places and did things I had never tried before.”


Kim Hayeon (Second from Left), Hanyang University, South Korea

Blog (Spring 2020): https://hyink-tour.tistory.com/

“I had various conversations with other international exchange students and received a lot of help from local students. It really changed my perceptions, values and thoughts. Before I came, I had studied only with other Korean students and been taught by Korean teachers. But since I got here, I’ve seen and heard a lot of things I hadn’t thought of before. This experience had changed so much of my perspectives.”


Wu Yen Kuan, National Taiwan University

Blog (Spring 2020): https://yenkuan2020.blogspot.com/

“For me, being a volunteer at Willing Hearts was not difficult, though I still faced a few challenges. Sometimes I would find myself lost in the midst of hustle and bustle in the kitchen. I realised I could ask any staff there and they would be willing to help me. The biggest challenge I faced had to be handling fish. Our job was to gut all the fish. This is definitely a unique experience when I recall my exchange life in Singapore in the future.”


An Jing Chen, Cao Jiayang, Huang Zhao Yi, Shen Shuhan, Shi Hao Chen, Wang Derong, Xiong Kaer, Wu Shan Shan, Wu Xueyi,  Wu Yu, Yang Jun Jie, Yang Lei, Zhejiang University, China

Blog (Fall 2019): https://sutdtfilearn.home.blog/

“We got to know many students from other countries like Korean, Japan, Thailand etc. I valued this friendship so much because I think different cultures could bring me different thoughts of the world. The programme also taught me how to be a leader which would be a great help in my future.” Shen Shuhan (second row right)  


“Through these community programs, I learned in depth that we youngsters should have responsibility towards global issues and our society. What’s more, the programme gave me a chance to experience Singaporean culture and Southeast Asian culture.” Wu Xueyi (Left)


“This programme enabled me to gain many abilities: collaboration, communication, networking and leading by example. The Community Involvement Programme was also very inspiring. It gave me the chance to take a better look at the whole society, the chance to care for others and inspired me to do something for the society.” An Jing Chen (second row middle)



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