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The exchange at SUTD has been a highlight of my university experience! The smaller community and structure of courses really create an environment of collaboration and cooperation.

Ameer Qamar, University of Waterloo
Joined Muslim Society


Singapore has been a treat to explore as well. I came into this summer with both nerves and excitement, and I’m walking away with lots of stories to tell. I’ll never forget my time in Singapore as an SUTDent 🙂

Give it a shot! The courses are a lot more project-based than University of Waterloo, so it’s cool to learn in a different way for a term. The professors and students are great! You won’t regret coming to SUTD!


One of the best things about coming to SUTD is that the school’s term matches almost exactly with University of Waterloo’s term, so you won’t be sacrificing extra terms to come here.

Eric Gu, University of Waterloo
Joined Cheerleading, Climbing, Swimming

I think academically I was just unprepared for the courses I took based on the prerequisites I thought I had. I should have done more research into the courses I was taking before picking them (I picked Game Theory which turns out to be a term 8 course!!!).

There was also a lot of groupwork that I was not expecting. The environment is obviously different from what I’m used to and again I think it was a personal challenge because it takes a while for me to get comfortable with new settings (something I wanted to work on by coming to this exchange).

My goals when coming to exchange in Singapore was to experience the culture as if I was living here as a local, and not as a tourist. I think I was successful in that sense, first obviously checking out the touristy places that Singapore has to offer, but then laying back and chilling like I’d lived here all my life. Attending my classes and immersing myself in the academics and extra curriculars that SUTD has to offer really helped me create friendships that made me feel included. Knowing the right people was important; I would never have been able to social life of the students at SUTD without breaking out of my comfort zone to meet them. I had an awesome time here and I can’t wait to come back again!

SUTD is an AMAZING place to come to exchange for! Although the INSANE heat and humidity outside will take a bit to get used to, the scenery makes up for it by with all the beautiful greenery that surrounds you. It really is quite an amazing place to be, and is definitely worth it to come. 


I really enjoyed experiencing the culture of Singapore and seeing how it is so different than the American lifestyle that I am used to.

Arnav Doshi, University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)
 International Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (iUROP) 

I enjoyed the beauty of Singapore, seeing how they are such a high tech city that has so much nature intricately intertwined within the city.

That is a combination not seen in America, and I really enjoyed experiencing it for two months here. I would share that the college culture in Singapore is extremely different that an American college, and that is something that they should keep in mind when coming here. That being said, if you have an open mind and want to experience a safe Asian country as a local, Singapore is a great place to come for exchange.


Participating in iUROP makes me expand my dream and goals to be bigger and clearer. I also have more confidence to follow my dream after this exchange.

Wagee Jr Nanta Aree, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
 International Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (iUROP) 

I learned and gained many things from this exchange program. I learned new skills that is helpful for my future goals. I also had a chance to explore and see the world. It encouraged me to do things that is out of my comfort zone and be able to experience new things.

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