Just within a short time of 36 hours, I was in 4 different places – Hangzhou, Singapore, Taiwan, Tokyo. In case you are wondering why, I rushed off from Hangzhou (ALP) to return back to Singapore to unload my luggage, then head to Tokyo for Robocon while transiting in Taiwan.

Anyway, JJ, Viet and I reached Tokyo at 11am but after all the immigration checks and waiting for another group of people and travelling to the accommodation, we finally reached our accom at around 4pm.


Saw this in the airport

I was too tired and slept till 7pm before heading for dinner. We went to a place (I forget where it is since I cannot read Japanese) to get SIM card and dinner.

My first proper meal in Japan

After dinner, we went for convenience store hopping (like café hopping). There were many interesting items like Coke Clear, Matcha products and other Japanese food.

This is how my first day in Japan went. Robocon officially starts today and another person will blog about it. So stay tune!

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