Time passes really quickly when you are having fun. Before I realised, it was time to say goodbye. During the last week of school, it was really hard for me to converse with people without tearing up because my mind was constantly telling me that I will not see them again and it will be hardly possible for us to hang out as a whole group anymore.

Busying analysing data to write our research paper due in a few days time!!
We were called team 3 but I believed we are more than just a team 🙂








I am very thankful for all the people that I have met in this summer exchange but I am especially thankful to this team! Thank you Yuan Wen, Patrick and Na Yeon for adopting Arnau and I because 3 of our original group members quit the class and left us alone to write a research paper, cries. Yet, I somewhat felt that it was fate that brought us together as well, allowing me to be on friendly terms with you guys and hanging out as friends out of class time. I think we wrote a pretty decent paper even though we were only given a short amount of time to do it. Can’t wait for KAIST to publish it and send a copy to us each hahahah! 🙂

Lily, an adorable Hong Kong girl!
Yan Shuo, a pretty lady from China!
Patrick, a cool Australian!
Aranu, an outspoken Spanish!

















During the farewell dinner, I got so emotional that I cried really badly. Which explains why I took so little photos and why my eyes were so red and swollen in all the photos taken at the farewell, haizzz. Thinking back, it was pretty embarrassing. I knew that I will be sad but I didn’t know that I will be in such an emotional wreck. Even now when I look back at the photos and the videos we took, I will smile, laugh at it, have a very empty feeling after that and then without me knowing, tears will start to roll down my cheeks.

Nonetheless, thank you everyone who have made this summer exchange possible for me. It was my first time studying overseas and being out of Singapore alone for such a long period of time but I am very blessed to have met many good buddies, creating everlasting memories along the way. 🙂

I guess I have to admit, I am not very good at goodbyes.


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