A group photo with some of my friends from the NUS Canoe Polo team!

I was really fortunate to have found and joined Canoe Polo at the National University of Singapore (NUS). It definitely made my entire Singapore University Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP) experience so much more special and memorable. I first chanced upon this CCA/ Fifth Row when I saw my NUS friend’s Instagram story about NUS Canoe Polo Recruitment. My friend invited me to their intro session and I was welcomed with much warmth and excitement. In the short 4 months, I have made so many precious friendships and learned a new sport that is so unique and cool! The coach and team treated me as one of their own. They made sure that I learned as much as I could before heading back to SUTD. Till now, I am still in contact with the group and going out for fun outings together!

Here is a picture of where I trained with the NUS Canoe Polo team!

Towards the end of SUSEP, I discovered that many students did not know they could join CCAs in their respective SUSEP universities. Hence, many missed out on the opportunity to explore any CCAs during SUSEP. So if YOU are reading this, do not hesitate to join any CCAs at your SUSEP schools! Believe me, you will get the whole experience of studying at a local university, befriending people more easily, immersing yourself fully in other school cultures, and trying out new things there are not available in SUTD! Not only will you be able to contribute back to SUTD with the new skills you have attained, but you will also be able to introduce the joy of being an SUTD student to your SUSEP university friends!



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